Hi. My name is Jennifer Weissmann.

Back a few years (ahem) ago, I founded an advertising agency in New York City. Got married. Moved to Boulder Colorado. Had babies. Started buying Real Estate for use change. My husband and I decided to take a year away in Tel Aviv Israel so our kids could have a more global life perspective. We fell in love with Israel, its culture, people. Got our citizenship. The people and stories of resiliency intrigued me. During crazy Corona days, I decided I needed to find some inspiration during those many lockdown months. I started a podcast called Going for Greatness (formerly named Finding Inspiration) and have since recorded a bunch of episodes. The show has evolved into episodes around entrepreneurship. The podcast shares stories of amazing humans doing amazing things -- against all odds. Talk about Going for Greatness -- my guests will inspire you beyond words. Their personal and professional stories will blow your mind. Resilient and gritty and brave and just wow. The world's greatest achievers were first inspired by something or someone. And that is where the Going For Greatness show comes in. After almost 5 years there, we decided to return to America. We were tired of Winter so we arrived in Miami in August 2022.